Simple. Southern.


Home of the Bottomless Chicken N' Waffles!






What is Yard Birds?

Yard Birds Chicken Company captures that feeling we remember from growing up in the South.  Simple….Southern.  It’s family, our heritage, our community, the red, white and blue

                …Fried chicken, sweet tea and pecan pie. 

                …Staying out until the street lights came on at night.

                …Sunday dinner at Nana’s house. 

                …Chasing lightening bugs. 

                …Driving with the windows down listening to the radio turned all the way up.

Yard Birds is more than a restaurant, it’s a connection – a place to come together to enjoy good food and REMEMBER.  And while we remember our own good times, we also REMEMBER, CELEBRATE and HONOR those who allow us the freedom and opportunities that we have, those who have risked everything so that we, God willing, can all wake up tomorrow and keep on making memories we hope to never forget. 







1423 Gadsden Hwy

Trussville, AL 35235



Mon-Thu- 11am-9:30pm
Fri-Sat- 7am-9:30pm      Sun- 7am-3pm



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